About Us

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Since 2002, Lotus has been serving individuals all across the United States. We believe our dedication to our clients, our pursuit for excellence and our passion for providing fiduciary services has been the very foundation of our success. Testimonials.

Our Mission

To provide responsive and effective fiduciary and daily money management services while supporting families and other professionals in the area of education and advocacy.


Lotus Fiduciary Group consists of two companies who share the same mission.

Lotus Fiduciary Services, Inc.

Provides the following services:

  • Court-Appointed Conservator
  • Agent Under Financial Power of Attorney
  • Personal Representative/Executor/Estate Administration
  • Trust Administration*

*We are a private professional fiduciary firm. We are not a Chartered Trust Company, a Bank, or a Corporate Trustee

Lotus Fiduciary Support Services, LLC

Provides the following services:

  • Daily Money Mangement – Provides oversight and assistance to individuals with bill paying, opening mail, budgeting, and managing their overall financial affairs.
  • Support and Assistance to families who are acting in a fiduciary capacity for a loved one
  • Fiduciary Consulting and Coaching*
  • Review, Prepare, and Amend Accountings and Financial Plans
  • Fiduciary Oversight of Non-Professionals Fiduciaries
  • Prepare Budgets and Financial Plans
  • Investigate Accountings and Bank Records for Fraud and MisAppropriation
  • Personal Property Management
  • Neutral “Tie Breaker” Services for Co-Agents
  • Track Income and Expenses for Tax Preparation and Accountings
  • Customized Services as Requested

* We are not a law firm and do not provide legal advice.