Frequently Asked Questions


How do you charge for your services?

Our objective is to provide the best possible service to our clients in the most cost-effective manner. One of the ways we accomplish this is by following the guidelines as set forth in the Colorado Compensation and Cost Recovery Act (§15-10-603(3) C.R.S).

Depending on the service being provided, Lotus may bill an annual flat fee or hourly for time spent working on a client’s behalf.


How will I know if this service is right for me?

We provide a free one-hour initial consultation in order to determine if our services are the right solution for you.


I use online bill pay, how does this differ from using your services?

Online bill pay can’t provide the personal attention to detail that is required to effectively manage your affairs. In addition, online bill paying systems are not set up to pick up the phone and call a vendor or creditor to inquire about a charge or negotiate on a payment. Lotus will provide thorough attention to detail while taking care of the budgeting, tracking of income and expenses and making necessary phone calls to ensure your financial affairs are always in order.


I am currently working with my attorney to set up my Estate Plan and I don’t have anyone to name in my documents as my fiduciary. What is the process for nominating Lotus in my documents to act as my fiduciary in the future?

Planning early will give you the peace of mind knowing that your affairs will be handled properly in the event something unexpected were to happen. Our pre-need planning process includes an initial consultation with both you and your attorney, document review, a set up meeting and annual updates.


What if I want to name a family member or friend to handle my affairs but I don’t want to burden them with the day-to-day administration?

Our Fiduciary Support Services are there to help families and friends who are acting in a fiduciary role. By utilizing our support services they can delegate certain tasks and responsibilities while remaining in control. This relationship allows them to reduce the time and stress often associated with acting as a fiduciary.