Our Lotus Team


Courtney Smith founded Lotus in 2002 and has since provided fiduciary and daily money management services for over 18 years. She has served over 200 clients from all over the United States as Power of Attorney, Conservator, Special Conservator, Personal Representative, Daily Money Manager, Trustee and Representative Payee.  She has a long history of working with adult protective services and has dealt with numerous financial exploitation cases and investigations over her 18 year career. In 2016, Courtney embarked on another mission of preventing litigation and conflict between families by providing support services to non-professionals who are willing and able to serve in that role for their loved one.  Courtney has a Bachelor in Public Affairs and Management from Indiana University and enjoys skiing, hiking and spending time with her loved ones.

*Courtney Smith’s Resume





Lisa Dunn is the Assistant Manager of Fiduciary Services at Lotus. She received her bachelor’s degree in Accounting at the University of Maryland. In her free time, Lisa enjoys hiking, traveling, and doing puzzles.










Shirley Pasco is a Fiduciary Account Manager at Lotus. She was born and raised in Colorado, but received her bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Finance from the University of Tennessee.  Hiking, reading and hanging out with her family and friends are a few activities that she enjoys in her free time.”










Kathreen Bankston is the Executive Assistant to Courtney Smith and Public Relations Specialist. She has over 14 years of administrative experience assisting high level executives. Kathreen was born and raised in Alaska and received her Bachelors in Business Administration at the University of Texas at Dallas. On her off time, she enjoys the outdoors and traveling.