"I have worked with Courtney and BPS since 2003. Her knowledge, expertise, and dedication to her clients make her and BPS one of the best fiduciary services companies our firm has had the pleasure to work with"

Marco Chayet, Managing Partner & Owner, Chayet & Danzo, LLC


"Courtney combines utmost integrity, great transparency, a friendly, attitude, and due diligence. I am so glad she was appointed as my sister's financial guardian. Her services were the best!"



"Courtney, Jennifer, and Randi are wonderful, warm, caring people. Their competence levels for Randy's needs were at 100%! We were with [Lotus Fiduciary Group] for eleven years and our son threw some (quite a few, really) curve balls their way. The above three mentioned not only caught them, but they also fixed them...every single obstacle was dealt with promptly."

N. McDannald


"I cannot say enough how great my experience with [Lotus Fiduciary Group] has been and how grateful I am for their service. As a young adult, I was handed the responsibility of managing all my mother's finances. I was incredibly overwhelmed with the whole process. Even after one meeting with Courtney, things felt much more manageable. In every interaction I've had with [LFS] staff, I've found them to be responsive, knowledgeable, flexible, and empathetic. During such a crazy time in life, I appreciated how consistent they were, and I would recommend [LFS'] services in a heartbeat!"



"Yours is a unique and valuable service. As we seniors grow older, it is better to have help like you provide rather than make a potentially costly error."



"We are very pleased with all aspects of your services provided to our sister-in-law. She also expresses to us her complete trust in you."

Dunn Family


"Randi and Courtney did an excellent job representing my mother."

C. Deaton


"Courtney has been a godsend as I navigate care and services for Tony. Her advice and support have been awesome. A normally traumatic transition has been much easier thanks to Courtney's care and expertise."

B. Darveau


"Courtney provided our family the necessary fiduciary services needed during challenging times. She was a local, valuable resource for us, as we are all out of state. We could not have managed all of Jane's affairs without [LFS] help. Thank you."

The family of JCS


"Great experience! I would hire your services again and would refer you to others seeking same. Courtney Smith is fantastic!"

M. Abell


"All services are wonderful - thanks! Especially appreciate the timely responses from Courtney Smith and Jennifer Hamilton and the great working relationship between Lotus Fiduciary Group and other services [the client] needs like Bart Cos or Kari Fillmore at Assurance Guardianship and Care Services."

N. Wegge


"There was an error in first report, which was remedied immediately by Courtney. Both my son and myself were impressed by Courtney Smith. The office staff was also timely, friendly, and courteous."

M. Harlan


"I didn't have detailed knowledge of how Courtney interacted with Margaret; but her concern for Margaret's excessive spending on clearly-fraudulent sweepstakes and her following this through a variety of professional and legal matters until a formal conservatorship was established impressed me greatly. Courtney's perseverance and deep care for Margaret's welfare came through again and again. I am deeply grateful."

E.Wahl & B.Dumke


"Very rarely do I say this, but I honestly do not have any constructive suggestions. I had nothing but positive experiences."

Business Associate


"Ten years of being an excellent support system to a disabled, unmedicated son who cannot or will not follow the rules of Social Security and doesn't understand financial responsibility! Thank you so much for going will beyond your duties! Love you both!"

Business Associate


"Dear Courtney, Jennifer, and [LFS] staff, Thank you so much for all of your help with my family's finances! I appreciate how understanding, flexible, and most importantly, friendly you were throughout this time of transition for us. Wishing you the best."

Katie & Family


"Courtney, thank you so much for everything. I don't know what I would have done without you."

Colin,Business Associate


"I received your recent letter and want to thank you for going through the extra effort in helping me get back my SSI. Although I haven't received any mail regarding my success in getting it back, I have been assured by Social Security staff that I will be getting it. It really helped my case with Social Security, Medicaid, and a lot of other professional business concerns that [LFS] was administering my trust fund. I hope other people will take advantage of [LFS] services. There is no substitute for business professionalism when it comes to trust funds. I hope you continue to prosper in this area. There is a need for this service."

M. Padilla


"If there is a way to let you all know the peace of mind you give me handling Bruce's case, I'm happy to say we are both grateful! To be so far away from out unmedicted, mentally ill son is a choice he made, not us. Kris often has to straighten out his financial credit messes, and he has told us she could go to court with him if that is necessary. He isn't able to relate to anyone very well, but with her patience during very trying visits, he looks forward to seeing her. We can only say good things about [LFS]."

N. McDannald


"It's a pleasure working with you and your staff (and mom.) You've been so helpful to our clients with services that we just can't provide. I hope we'll have plenty of opportunities to work together in 2011. Best wishes to you and your family for a safe and healthy 2011!"

W. Koyat


"Thanks for being there for us. You did a wonderful job, and we know you really care about our mom."

Client Family Members


"My husband and I were so grateful to have hired [Lotus Fiduciary Group.] Because of the nature of our niece's affliction, they went far beyond their job description. There were times I could not have functioned without their services. They are always loyal, trustworthy, and totally professional."

Morris Family


"Dear Courtney, this is written to express our gratitude for your professional money management services afforded to our clients. We appreciate your timely responses to our requests and your expert knowledge and skills in caring for their day-to-day financial affairs. It has been our pleasure to utilize your company and staff in meeting the needs of our clients. We look forward to using your services in the future."

Tom, Laplante, Client Services Director, Law Offices of David N. Sutton & Associates, LLC


"Over the past 3+ years, my financial situation has been turbulent, but you have maintained a calm and steady resolve to do the best possible for the 'long haul.' Even though there has been a severe budget constraint, you have endeavored to provide me with 'the little extras' I've wanted and needed. For these, as well as many other situations where you have been as supportive as possible, I want to retain your position in my life and will eschew other's suggestions as to 'other' directions."

V. Dee


"Courtney is an active and valued member of the Colorado professional fiduciary community who has earned the respect of her older colleagues, attorneys and judges. She is also one of a small number of professional fiduciaries admitted as an associate non-attorney member of the Elder Law Section of the Colorado Bar Association."

M. Carl Glatstein, Glatstein & O'Brien, LLP


"Daniel is a 'snow bird' and is only helped with some services 6 months out of the year. However, when he's here April 1 to October 1, he goes from his apartment with a staff member to places like museums, rec centers, etc., rides RTD light rail...Since he can't read and doesn't understanding, he is only capable of signing his name. Due to "brain damage," he would be at the mercy of anyone in the world if it wasn't for all the services from Denver Options Communications Advantage and [Lotus Fiduciary Group.] We appreciate them immensely! God bless them all--they're lovely people."

Ms.Bonner, Mother of Client


"Dan, Ed, and I appreviate all the help you're giving us. God bless you for being there for Dan if anything happens to Ed (who is 80) or me (I'm 77!) We don't know the future and Dan will have the assistance he'll need, whenever that time comes. Thank you."

Client Family Member


"I consider the services I receive through [LFS], Inc. as exemplary. Service has always been prompt, courteous, the best. I do not consider myself to be an accurate judge of the provision of services that [LFS], Inc. provides; however, the way it's been from where I'm standing, I am impressed. Many gratitudes to the people involved with causing things to come together with perfection."



"Thank you so much! You have removed that "big black cloud" that seemed to follow me. Now I just say "call Lotus."

Client Family Member


"Just an extra note of thanks for all you do for Florence. Your services are invaluable to her, since there is no one else in her world who can help her. You have helped her through a lot of circumstances already, not only her own needs for ongoing financial management, but also through the death of her spouse and complicated family circumstances. Both Florence and I would be happy to recommend you!"

K. Herrick, Social Services


"I want to thank you for doing an outstanding job in handling my mother's financial affairs for us over the past year or so. With me living out of state and my mother no longer being able to keep up with her bills and other financial matters, it was a huge help having you to handle those things for us...I would recommend you and your company to anyone who needs assistance with their financial needs--whether small or large."

J. Yearty


"[Lotus Fiduciary Group] has been my ward's financial service for three years. We have always found them to be professional and capable for handling every day issues and emergencies. Quite frankly, I do not know how we would have coped with the special needs she requires without their services and understanding. I can and do highly recommend them."

L. Jesse


"I am a social worker at the Denver VA Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. I have worked with [Lotus Fiduciary Group] for many years. We have shared several clients together. I have always found their business as professional and reliable. They demonstrate a caring empathy with even the most difficult of clients. I wish to provide the warmest of recommendation for others to seek services with them."

Bradley A. McClure, LCSW, Denver VA Medical Center


"My review of the above named file reveals that the original conservator, Jeanne D. Thompson, the successor conservator, Courtney Smith, and the attorney for both conservators, Marco D. Chayet, respectively have all done an outstanding job in looking after the financial complexities of this estate."

Marvin Smith, Office of Hon. Judge C. Jean Stewart