Although many people have heard the term 'fiduciary', many don't know what a fiduciary firm is or what we do. First off, a fiduciary firm is an organization entrusted to manage an individual's assets and financial affairs in the best interest of that individual. There are a few ways that can happen. Lotus Fiduciary Services, Inc. can be a Trustee, Power of Attorney, Conservator, Personal Representative, and we can also help with Daily Money Management. So what do all those terms mean? Just take a look below.

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Daily Money Management:

Lotus is hired to go in and assist an individual with their financials affairs, including bill paying, budgeting, and bank reconciliation. 

How Do You Start?

The first step is to give us a call. Anyone from our team will be able to answer  your questions. We can then set up a free initial consultation where you can come to our office, meet the whole team, and talk with us about your needs, and what services would be best for you.