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Fiduciary Services

Our fiduciary services include Private Trust Administration, Financial Power of Attorney, Conservatorship, Personal Representative, and Daily

Money Management.

Support Services

Our support services assist

families and other professionals

with preparing and reviewing accountings, consulting, bookkeeping, fiduciary

oversight, and personal

property management. 

Lotus Fiduciary Services, Inc. provides fiduciary services to a wide range of individuals, including: persons with disabilities, minor children, at-risk adults, families, seniors, frequent travelers, those that have been recently divorced or widowed, busy professionals, and small business owners. Our commitment is to treat each client as a member of the Lotus family by providing services with integrity, respect, and professionalism in a responsible, responsive, and personalized way.
We are dedicated to providing education and support to our clients, families, and other professionals who need assistance fulfilling their fiduciary role and responsibilities. Our goal is to do so with integrity and professionalism.
Mailing Address:
PO Box 101775
Denver, CO 80250

Contact Us:

Phone: (303) 282-8882
Fax(866) 339-1918

Professional Disclaimer

Lotus Fiduciary Services, Inc. and all Lotus affiliate

companies are not chartered trust companies,

corporate trustees, banks, insurance agents,

CPAs, financial advisors or licensed attorneys

and do not provide legal services.


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