Courtney L. Smith, NCG
President and Managing Member


Courtney has provided fiduciary and daily money management services for over 18 years. She has served over 450 clients from all over the United States as Power of Attorney, Conservator, Special Conservator, Personal Representative, Daily Money Manager, Trustee and Representative Payee. She has a long history of working with adult protective services and has dealt with numerous financial exploitation cases and investigations over her 17 year career. In 2016, Courtney embarked on another mission of preventing litigation and conflict between families by providing support services to non professionals who are willing and able to serve in that role for their loved one. Courtney is the Past President of The American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) where she assisted AADMM in developing their standards of practice, code of ethics and the PDMM certification exam. She also worked with the Guardianship Alliance in developing the Colorado Standards of Practice for Guardians and Conservators. Courtney’s passion for her clients and the fiduciary profession are evident in her practice and the many ways she volunteers her time.


Professional Experience and Formal Education:

President/Professional Fiduciary                                                                 Lotus Fiduciary Services, Inc.                         February 2002-Present

Managing Member                                                                                      Lotus Fiduciary Support Services, LLC            March 2016-Present

Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs                                                          Indiana University, Bloomington, IN                             1997

Certificate in Professional Fiduciary Management for Trustees                  California State-Fullerton                                              2016

Certificate in Professional Fiduciary Management for Conservators          California State-Fullerton                                               2016


National Certifications:

Professional Daily Money Manager (PDMM)-Former                                                                                       November 2007-2019

National Certified Guardian (NCG)                                                                                                                    November 2006-Present

Expert Testimony: (Within last 4 years)

Certified as an Expert in Fiduciary Services-Conservatorships Arapahoe County District Court                             2016PR25

Expert Report- Payment of Caregiver Services Richard K. Loesby v. Rex E. Loesby et al.                                       11/2019                         

Expert Witness Report- Payment of Caregiver Services  Estate of Georgine  Michko                                               05/2020


Publications: (Within last 10 years)

Co-Authored “Practical Solutions to Elder Abuse and Fiduciary Theft” Colorado Lawyer                                  December 2012

Quoted in the Wall Street Journal: “Caring for older people’s finances can boost independence”                             5/21/15

Quoted in article “Creating a financial back up plan for singles” on                                              3/8/2016


Professional Instruction/Presentations:

Utilizing Fiduciary Services for At-risk Adults                                                                                                             11/2013

Providing Fiduciary Services: Practical Guidelines for DMMs and How to Work with Attorneys’                            11/2013

Professional and Legal Resources and Documentation Available to Assist APS in Investigations                             9/22/15

Risk or Reward?  What DMM’s need to know about Fiduciary Services and working with clients in a fiduciary capacity                                                                                                                                                                       10/17/2016



Finalist for the Colorado Ethics in Business Award                                                                                                  2008, 2009

Recipient of the 40 Under Forty Award                                                                                                                         2010

Nominee for the Inc.Credible Award                                                                                                                       2010 and 2011


Individual/Company Professional Affiliations:

Member- National Guardianship Association

Patron Member-Colorado Bar Association: Member of the Elder Law Section/Trust & Estates Section

Member, Past Treasurer and Former Board Member – Colorado Guardianship Association

Past President and Former Board Member- American Association of Daily Money Managers